UPVC Materials

What is UPVC?

We use the term UPVC throughout our website and also in our product documentation; but what is this material and why are we recommending it for your home?

‘Un-plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’ (or U-PVC for short) is a waterproof, fire-resistant and non-toxic plastic.

Importantly, it does not rot or need painting and also has a much longer working lifetime than wood.

We use it in our designs because it means we can guarantee you a strong, rigid and durable product that has a long lifespan.

* It’s also called PVCu or PVCU so you may see this name used as well in brochures etc. The UK official name was changed from UPVC to PVCU some time ago to match European countries. But, just like the good old British MOT – UPVC is a name that everyone knows and uses and seems likely to remain popular.

UPVC Benefits

  • Impact resistance
  • Impervious to rot & insects
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Environmentally sustainable

UPVC is 100% recyclable

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Using cutting edge technology, 100% of the waste UPVC from our manufacturing process and many of the old windows we receive from customers can all be recycled.

Currently too many window companies are sending old windows direct to landfill sites. However Express Windows are different – we work in partnership with pvcaware.org, a midlands ┬ábased recycling company, to make sure waste materials are cleaned, deconstructed and refined back into the raw UPVC granules needed for the production of new UPVC products, like windows, doors and guttering.

Standard UPVC products have an expected useful life-span of 35-years and can be recycled up to 10 times, giving an effective total useful life of 350 years, making UPVC a truly sustainable building material.

Inject some colour into your home

In the past UPCV meant white, but that's far from the case these days. While it's true that white is still the most popular colour, there are many more to choose from that will give your home a beautifully different appearance.

Our range of colours has been carefully developed to enhance every type of home from traditional to modern, while our woodgrain effects combine the beautiful looks of wood with the benefits of UPVC. The latest technology means that your coloured frames won't fade, crack or peel and will stay looking good for years to come.

You can also choose to have different colours on the interior and exterior so that your windows can match your home's character on the outside and your rooms' decor on the inside.

Our UPVC prodcuts can be made in almost any colour or finish.

More finishes available. Contact us today for details

UPVC Maintenance

Our UPVC windows are low maintenance products but they’re not completely maintenance free. Upon installation you’ll be provided with a maintenance leaflet detailing the simple tasks and advice we recommend you follow in order to keep your windows, doors or conservatory in prime condition.